Spruce/Pine Mix Firewood


Discover the perfect harmony of warmth and aroma with our Spruce/Pine mix firewood.
Meticulously crafted by blending the finest cuts of spruce and pine, this firewood offers a delightful fusion of crackling flames and a fragrant woodsy scent.

NOTE: Add GST to all prices.  A standard, full cord of wood is a volume of 128 cubic feet, measured as a pile approximately 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 4 feet high.  A full cord can weight up to 5,000 lbs. Approximate Sizing: a Bag contains 2 cubic feet, a Small Tote 1/5 of a cord, Mesh Pallet 1/4 of a cord, and a Large Tote a 1/3 of a cord.  Pallet Deposit is refundable upon return of pallet in good condition.

Please Note: For aid loading firewood larger than bags into your vehicle, a pallet deposit is required, fully refundable upon pallet return.

Please ensure you select the corresponding pallet deposit to the size of wood you wish to purchase.

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Bag, Small Tote, Mesh Pallet, Large Tote, Cord


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